10 Best Star Wars Storylines From Marvel Comics

8. The Wheel Saga (Issues #18-23)

Writer: Archie Goodwin Art: Carmine Infantino The Wheel Saga was Marvel€™s first attempt at multi-issue story-telling with Star Wars. It opens with Luke falling into a €œForce€ coma and Han, Leia, Chewie, C-3PO, and R2 taking him to the Wheel, a huge space station that serves as a centre for all sorts of legal and (mostly) illegal activity. What follows is a free-for-all of plot and action: Leia gets wrapped up in political intrigue with the station€™s administrator, Simon Greyshade, a former suitor for the princess, who has an alliance of convenience with the Empire. R2 and 3PO have to find a way to get Luke the medical attention he needs. Han and Chewie are entered into a gladiatorial event known as The Big Game, where they are forced to fight each other. And all the while the Empire is closing in. One of the things that makes this story work is the sense of €œanything goes.€ Marvel was under strict guidelines with what they could and could not cover in the comics. Yet those restrictions seemed to have had the opposite effect and opened the door to a more Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers type of sci-fi, which was always at the heart of the Star Wars franchise. In reading this story, you really do get that feeling of €œwhat€™s going to happen next?€ and €œwill they make it out ok?€ that Star Wars long left behind as far as the principle characters are concerned. Truthfully, Infantino€™s block-jaw style of art doesn€™t work for everyone, but Goodwin€™s writing rises to the occasion and creates one of the most swashbuckling adventures Star Wars has ever known.
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