The Batman: 10 Latest Developments You Need To Know

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Warner Bros

The future the DC Extended Universe is more clouded than ever, but Warner Bros is set to continue churning out superhero fodder for the foreseeable future.

The Batman is among the most anticipated films on its slate, yet the Dark Knight's next solo outing is also shrouded by uncertainty, and plagued by boomeranging (or should that be Bataranging?) rumours of lead actor Ben Affleck's departure.

Affleck was once attached to write, direct and star in the movie, but now it's not even guaranteed he will do only the latter, as War for the Planet of the Apes helmer Matt Reeves has been brought in to oversee the project.

Reeves has promised fans a noir-style detective movie with overtones of Alfred Hitchcock, which sounds like a great fit for the Caped Crusader, but with no official release date in sight, The Batman is no more than a twinkle in his eye right now.

Batfleck is already at large in the DCEU, due to appear in Justice League later this year, though Warner appears to be turning its attention away from its cinematic universe. Just this week it was reported that a Joker origin film with no connection to the shared superhero world is in development.

Although many things about The Batman are up in the air, rumours, leaks and official announcements continue to flood in, and here are the pick of the bunch....

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