The Batman Movie: 10 Characters Who Must Appear (And Who Should Play Them)

He is vengeance. He is the night. But, who will be the Batman?

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The future of the DCEU changes week by week, and though everyone now has a better idea of what films it will include, one movie in particular has remained as veiled in darkness as the character it will feature, that movie being Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Rumours surrounding who the main antagonist will be have been floating around for a while now, with some suggesting that it will be the Court of Owls and others hinting that it will instead be the Penguin.

Yet, while we may have an idea of who the main target of the Bat will be, we have absolutely no idea who will be fighting alongside the Caped Crusader, who will play him, or even which allies will fight alongside him.

While we may not know for sure which characters will be making the jump from the comics to the big screen in this outing, there are quite a few characters out there who deserve to feature in Reeves' film.

As for who should play them? Here are some suggestions...


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