The Best Spider-Man Game No One Played

Think it's all about Spider-Man 2? Think again.

Spider-Man Web of Shadows

Spider-Man, as opposed to most comic book characters, has actually had quite a successful history in the gaming medium. Fans can recall fond memories of swinging through New York in Neversoft's Spider-Man titles for the PlayStation, and again in Treyarch's tie-in to Spider-Man 2, as well as in their adaptation of Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley's Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

There is another Spidey title out there, however, that wasn't so fondly looked upon when it was first released. Web of Shadows, which holds a MetaCritic average of 67, currently, may have something of a cult following these days, but it had a difficult time winning people over when it was first published, and marked Treyarch's last soiree with the Spidey license.

People certainly played it, but when we consider the truly great Spider-Man games from the fifth, sixth and seventh generation of consoles, Web of Shadows tends to get lost in the conversation. And though there definitely are better Spider-Man games out there, this is one guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of True Believers everywhere, and has done, for those lucky enough to have dismissed the review aggregators when it released ten years ago.

With branching paths, a unique premise and a brilliant cast of characters, it's high time Web of Shadows forces its way onto the pantheon of Spidey's greatest games, before we're whisked away by Insomniac's stunning PS4 exclusive.

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