The Fantastic Four FINALLY Return To Marvel In New Ongoing

Marvel's first family return this August in a comic headed by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli.

Fantastic Four Dan Slot Sara Pichelli
Marvel Comics

Finally, after years of waiting, Marvel have announced the return of the Fantastic Four.

Having been missing in action for several years on account of Marvel's dispute with 20th Century Fox's ownership of the characters' onscreen rights, Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny will finally reunite in the Marvel Universe this August.

The comic, announced today in a video posted on Marvel's official Twitter account, will be written by Dan Slott. Sara Pichelli, of Ultimate Spider-Man fame, will handle the book's art duties, and while the nature of their return is still yet to be disclosed, Marvel Editor-in-Chief C. B. Cebulski did promise that Chip Zdarksy's Marvel Two-In-One - which has currently been chronicling the group's return - will release alongside the book itself.

The return should come as no surprise to Marvel fans, with the team's return having been teased in last August's Marvel Legacy and in Zdarksy and Jim Cheung's Two-In-One. It wasn't clear what form that would take, but with a new ongoing now confirmed, Fantastic Four fans can finally start getting excited.

Slott will be leaving Spider-Man this year after a remarkably long period on that particular comic, but he spent his time on that book in cosmic corners of the Marvel Universe too. His stint on Silver Surfer was lauded here, there and everywhere, and while the team would've perhaps benefited from a different voice, it's great to see them back nonetheless - especially if Slott's able to recreate the magic he conjured in his stories focussing on Norrin Radd.

What do you think of the Fantastic Four's return? Are you excited? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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