The Ultimate Daredevil Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Man Without Fear?

Matt Murdock is one of Marvel's greatest heroes, but can you name his greatest exploits?

Marvel Comics

With over 50 years of comic history, Daredevil has proven himself quite the institution in Marvel Comics.

Matt Murdock has had a rather unfortunate life. Being raised as an orphan, losing both of his major love interests, seeing his best friend diagnosed with cancer and having his secret identity sold to the Kingpin for drug money have shaped Daredevil into one of the most tenacious and inspiring heroes ever seen in comic books.

In 2015, Netflix's Daredevil hit small screens all over the world. Perhaps the greatest superhero show ever made, our favourite blind superhero is riding a fresh wave of mainstream popularity and has found himself thousands of new fans who have springboarded from the show and into his 55 years of history.

Which, of course, raises the question as to just how much of Daredevil's history have you actually read up on?

1. In Daredevil #1, Which Two Other Marvel Heroes Were Featured On The Cover?


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