There's Another Controversial New Iron Man In Town

Wait... Has something terrible happened to Tony Stark?

Victor Von Doom Iron Man

It's not been a good week for purist Iron Man fans who don't like anyone messing with the formula. First it was revealed that 15-year-old Riri Williams would be the next Iron Man in Invincible Iron Man, and now something altogether more nefarious is happening.

It turns out that Victor Von Doom is also going to put on the famous red and gold suit. Having been transformed and rehabilitated in the wake of Secret Wars, Doom has been another big part of Invincible Iron Man.

Infamous Iron Man Cover

Reteaming Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, the new series - entitled Infamous Iron Man - comes with the following synopsis:

"There is a new Iron Man in town and his name is VICTOR VON DOOM. The greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new. Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. What is Doom's Master Plan?"

The reveal comes courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Does that mean something terrible has happened to Tony Stark at the end of Civil War II? We know there's a big death coming before the end of that arc, and this announcement seems chillingly to suggest who it is.

This is the latest step in Marvel's complete transformation of their universe. Originality is certainly not a problem, and it seems like the publisher is courting controversy and progression, as well as splitting famous superheroes into multiple characters.

Quite how the two Iron Man comics will interact remains to be seen - though it seems inevitable there will be cross over, given their shared origin point.

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