Tom King And Jason Fabok Potentially Teaming Up For Rorschach Comic

The world will look up and shout, "yes please!"

Rorschach Doomsday Clock
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We may already have DC's upcoming Watchmen crossover - Doomsday Clock - to look forward to, but a theory posited by CBR journalist Ian Cardona may have just revealed another Watchmen-themed series, written by Tom King and illustrated by Jason Fabok.

For those not in the know, both King and Fabok took to Twitter this week to tease (quite deliberately) an upcoming project. The panels shared by the Batman and Mister Miracle writer centre specifically on a fiery hand in a snowy environment, whereas Fabok's show a blizzard and little else. While that is (admittedly) not a lot to go on, DC's current fascination with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's 1986 storyline may lend us a clue as to what, exactly, it all means.

Cardona's theory goes that the last time Fabok and King collaborated was for a Batman/Flash crossover called 'The Button', which acted as a precursor of sorts to the upcoming Doomsday Clock series being written by DC superstar Geoff Johns, meaning that this upcoming project has a decent chance of intersecting with that same storyline.

Then there are the panels themselves, which - as Fabok himself stated - have "lots of SNOW!" Now, fans of the original Moore novel will all too be aware of the place where Walter Kovacs met his end, and it came in the Arctic Tundra that surrounded Adrien Veidt's super secret base. Considering he was incinerated by Doctor Manhattan in that locale, and the panels tweeted by King feature a fairly smokey hand, it could just be that we'll be getting another Rorschach tale, either before or after the events of Moore's seminal series.

One of the most interesting things regarding Doomsday Clock is that we still have no idea how the Watchmen will intersect with the DC Universe, nor when it'll take place in the ever-changing timeline of Moore's world itself. Manhattan can manipulate space, time and reality, but so far the only clue we have regarding just when in the timeline the worlds will collide comes from the bloodied button of the Comedian, which implies that his death has already come to pass.

If Doomsday Clock follows a linear structure, then that would seemingly imply a resurrection is on the cards. If that is indeed the case, and DC are planning on bringing back Rorschach, then that puts us in somewhat risky territory. That isn't to doubt the talent of King or Fabok either - both are incredible talents and, if anything, them being on a Watchmen title is cause for excitement.

It's just that, well... it's strange isn't it? Watchmen has always been this untouchable behemoth of a book and the fact that we could be on the cusp of actually resurrecting one of its most famous characters is both terrifying and terrific.

Do you think King and Fabok will be writing a Watchmen tie-in, potentially with a resurrected Rorschach? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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