Umbrella Academy: 10 Obscure Comic Books Netflix Should Adapt Next

Gerard Way's comic isn't the only gem the medium is hiding...

Image Comics

The Umbrella Academy, aside from being ridiculously weird and breathtakingly sharp, was a breath of fresh air in the superhero genre, and more than proved that a comic book doesn't necessarily need the glossy stamp of Marvel or DC to be something truly special..

It is in the underdog success of Gerard Way's tiny little gothic pet project-turned blockbuster Netflix TV Show that a lot of the charm and magic of the series can be found. In an entertainment landscape where every comic book adaptation seems to be juggling the same few dozen heroes, it was refreshing to see a relatively unknown comic book find its feet - as well as a whole new audience - in such a major way.

Of course, the world of comic books is much deeper than the two titans of DC and Marvel, and all the way from honourary-third-titan Image Comics, to self-published cult-classic books, there are countless stories that have eluded the general public for long enough.

If Netflix has learned anything from the unprecedented success of The Umbrella Academy, it's that 'smaller' can almost always mean 'better'. If they want to replicate the success of the series, then they could do a lot worse than to give the following books a read...

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