Uncanny Avengers 5When you consider the fact that Uncanny Avengers was marketed early on as the flag-ship Marvel NOW title, it has been very disappointing. The book was released on a very erratic basis due to delays on John Cassaday’s art. When it finally was released it was gorgeous in some places and very sloppy in others. It’s hard to build a new universe around a book hit with these kinds of delays.

Issue 5 sees those problems start to fall away; because Uncanny Avengers will soon have a new regular artist, Daniel Acuña. The only problem is that Acuña doesn’t start until the next issue. But this month we have a great fill in drawn by Olivier Coipel.

I have been a big fan of Coipel since his run on Thor a few years ago. This book doesn’t really have that magic that some of his other work has had, but I’m chalking that up to him probably being a bit rushed here. We’re five issues in and I still haven’t gotten used to the new Costume design for Havok or Rogue either. They’re not as bad as Cyclops new suit but just look off.

Rick Remender uses this to issue finally bring together the entire team, within a matter of a few pages he quickly adds Wonderman, Sunfire and the Wasp to the team completing the images of the team we’ve been seeing for months now. This issue pushes the Avengers/X-men relations along and furthers the dynamic between Cap and Havok. Other than the awkwardness between Havok and Rogue, I thought this issue was a very well written one off.

This series is one of the most important to the overall health of the Marvel NOW initiative, and with issue 5 I think it finally is moving in the right direction. I think now is the time to jump on if you’re not already, buy it!

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This article was first posted on March 30, 2013