Venom Movie: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

It's Venom not as you know it. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

Sony/Marvel Comics

Venom's trailer might've released to a frosty reception, with the Symbiote itself nowhere to be seen, but it was far from the disaster fans had deemed it to be right off the bat.

Sony haven't been able to boast a good track record when it comes to the superhero genre for well over a decade now, but they are due a comeback. Relinquishing control of the Spidey license to Marvel was a good first step, and with Venom, they have the potential to make the Spidey license their own.

It's all come out of nowhere, granted, but the film (set to release this October), boasts a formidable cast. Tom Hardy has all the tools to make this Eddie Brock one to remember, Michelle Williams elevates the whole production altogether just by being in it, and Riz Ahmed's anonymous antagonist is sure to lend the film an edge as well.

The odds are very much stacked against it, but if you scratch beneath the surface, there might actually be a fair few reasons to love Sony’s superhero horror - even if it hasn’t quite managed to win over everyone just yet.

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