Venom Movie: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

9. Plans For A Franchise

Venom Flash Thompson Marvel
Marvel Comics

Eddie Brock might be the most popular incarnation of the Venom character, but he's by no means the only one.

Since the Symbiote's arrival on the scene in 1984, no less than nine separate characters have donned it. Peter Parker was the first, then came Eddie, and after him came Mac Gargan (the original Scorpion), and later Flash Thomson too. The latter's stint under the Symbiote was notable for plenty of reasons, not least of which because Flash, then a veteran of the Iraq War, takes on the suit willingly as part of a government program in an attempt to live up to his childhood icon, Spider-Man.

This isn't to say that Sony will definitely head down that path, but it wouldn't be difficult to envisage the studio looking to these later storylines in order to maximise the character's franchise potential. That means retaining Hardy in the lead, but with those MCU links still yet to be determined, what form it'll take is still up in the air.

The character's bibliography might be lacking, but with Hardy at the forefront, the potential is there for all to see.

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