What The Avengers: Infinity War Cast Look Like In The Comics

With Infinite Warfare, comes infinite aesthetic.


Infinity War is... big. It's the biggest film Hollywood has ever done by far, hitting a billion in the box office faster than any film before it, and it delivers on many of the promises of its ten-year long buildup. It's very difficult to quantify the feelings audiences will have after leaving the theatre, but it was definitely a film for the history books, one of the reasons being the enormous cast of characters all somehow fit cohesively into a single, two and a half hour narrative.

These characters, of course, all find their origins in the original, expansive universe of Marvel Comics. The story itself originated from the comics, one of Marvel's biggest and most memorable crossover events of the time, and many of the characters appearing in the film saw their comic book counterparts fighting the same war almost thirty years ago.

With dozens upon dozens of the MCU's long list of beloved movie heroes appearing in the film, it's about time to look at how each of these characters played their own parts in the comic book universe they sprung from, in a list of characters about as long and expansive as the cast list for this behemoth of a cinematic experience.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead...


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