Why Captain Marvel Is Going To Be A Very Different MCU Movie

A nineties Skrull War with Nick Fury involved? Heck. YES.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Even though the internet might be collectively freaking out over those gorgeous Infinity War posters (with a bearded Steve Rogers no less), it's pretty clear that Captain Marvel was the highlight of this year's escapades in San Diego's infamous Hall H.

While Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's superhero project is - yes - almost two years away from its 2019 premier (and indeed, much less populated than Joe and Anthony Russo's upcoming Avengers flick), the few brief teases we were left with this weekend illustrated that it's got more than enough potential to compete with Marvel's longest-running characters. A tease of a 'Kree-Skrull' War is enough to confirm that.

Despite the fact that Marvel have been left playing catchup in the wake of DC's laboriously and passionately crafted Wonder Woman, it's clear that the studio have alerted themselves to the importance of having a women-led film in their superhero franchise. And, when it comes to leaders, there are few better than Brie Larson, an actor who - coming off the back of an Academy Award winning performance in Room - is the perfect pick for Carol Danvers.

Indeed, there's much to be excited about when it comes to Marvel's latest cosmic title, but much of that excitement comes from the fact that it sounds fresh, exciting and altogether more different than what we've been used to in these past years. As Marvel edges toward a more diverse universe, it's easy to see why they've tasked the Captain with leading the charge.

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