Will Gotham City Sirens Adapt Under The Red Hood With Black Mask?

David Ayer's on a tease offensive...

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Is Gotham's Rogues Gallery about to swell with two of Batman's most famous modern villains?

David Ayer has taken to Twitter to tease the entire Batman fans community with a simple image with a hell of a load behind it. The shot of Black Mask he's chosen to wordlessly tease will inevitably insist on the possibility that his upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie will use the villain, but it might go deeper than that.

The shot is from Batman: Under The Red Hood, which might be purely accidental, but when you think about the way the jigsaw pieces have been laid out, it could very well all point to Gotham City Sirens being an adaptation of Batman: Under The Red Hood.

Harley Quinn was revealed in Suicide Squad to be an accomplice in the death of Jason Todd, whose death has so far been an ominous but unexplored part of the narrative. It was widely assumed that we'd get a Red Hood film and indeed The Batman was suggested to be one initially, but that now looks unlikely with Deathstroke all but confirmed.

But what if Gotham City Sirens was always meant to be Red Hood's movie? What if the story will see the Sirens trying to take down Black Mask's criminal empire, while their shared desire to unmask Batman bubbles under the surface and Red Hood appears to take on Black Mask too as he did in the comics?

What if the newly teased Dick Grayson's Nightwing takes the comic book Batman's role, and the climax of the movie sees the revelation - or the hint that Red Hood is actually Todd, seeking revenge on Harley (and the Joker who is BOUND to appear), as well as looking to take down Black Mask and show Batman (through Nightwing) why more extreme methods should be adopted.

It all fits. If you really want it to.

Either way, it's about time someone brought Black Mask to the screen: the villain is a favourite of fans who has never had a chance to shine on the biggest stage because of the so-called A-listers getting in the way. But he offers something completely different as a crime lord leading the False Face Society, and it will be nice to have a villain who isn't either a monster or shoots a giant beam of light into the sky or something.

Okay, so there's the obvious caveat that his failed cosmetics company background is a little too much like Sharon Stone's Catwoman villain, but they can just artfully leave that out.

And just imagine if he IS part of a Red Hood adaptation... That'd be pretty amazing.

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