The 5 Best VHS Board Games

Plus win Beyond The Gates on DVD

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Highly praised during its recent premiere at FrightFest, Beyond the Gates is a gore-filled tribute to 80's horror and board games of the same era. Tense, scary and full of nostalgic thrills, it is unleashed on Digital on 13th February which a frightful DVD launch on 20th February.

When estranged brothers Gordon and John Hardesty reunite to liquidate their Dad’s anaemic video store, seven months after his mysterious disappearance, their lives take a sudden turn when they come across an old VHS board game. Seeing as no more than a bit of fun, they are petrified to discover that it is in fact as an inter-dimensional hub to a nightmare world where their Father’s soul is trapped, and can only be saved by playing the game...

Directed by Jackson Stewart and starring Graham Skipper, Chase Williamson, and Matt Mercer, Beyond the Gates is this season's freshest horror.

To be in with a chance of winning one of two copies of film we have up for grabs all you have to do is submit your name and address details to, remembering to quote 'Beyond The Gates' in the subject line. Competition closes on 25th February 2017.

To celebrate the release we also have an exclusive feature which looks at some of the best real life VHS board games from over the years. Click 'next' to take a look....


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