Knight KnightWe’re celebrating the release of British comedy film, Knight Knight, the indie production which recently passed the 2 million views mark on youtube, and which is now available to watch online.

The film follows two comically out of their depth trainee knights bumbling through a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and earn a golden reward and was shot in three different locations: Allington Castle, Hedingham Castle and Epping forest.

Thanks to the good folks at Hermit Film Productions, who brought the film to life, we are giving 9 lucky readers the chance to win a Limited Edition version of the film poster (left.)

To get your hands on one of the posters, all we want to know is which character in the film utters the line “I AM DEAD!”?

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The film is available to watch now online at WWW.KNIGHTKNIGHTTHEMOVIE.COM from as little as $1.50.

You can find out more about Knight Knight on the film’s official Facebook page.

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