To mark the release of Martin McDonagh’s star studded black comedy, Seven Psychopaths, we’ve got three prize packs to give away! Win yourself two film quote t-shirts, a handful of badges, and a special pack of Seven Psychopaths playing cards!

In Seven Psychopaths a group of oddball friends inadvertently find themselves entangled in Los Angeles’ criminal underworld after stealing the beloved Schi-Tzu of one dangerous gangster.

Marty (Colin Farrell) is a struggling writer who dreams of finishing his screenplay, ‘Seven Psychopaths’. All he needs is a little focus and inspiration. Billy (Sam Rockwell) is Marty’s best friend, an unemployed actor and part time dog thief, who wants to help Marty by any means necessary. Hans (Christopher Walken) is Billy’s partner in crime. A religious man with a violent past.

Charlie (Woody Harrelson) is the psychopathic gangster whose beloved dog, Billy and Hans have just stolen. Charlie is unpredictable, extremely violent and wouldn’t think twice about killing anyone and anything associated with the theft.

For your chance to win, simply answer this question:

Which 2008 comedy was also directed by Martin McDonagh and also starred Colin Farrell?

A) Step Brothers

B) The House Bunny

C) In Bruges

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… and then email with the e-mail header Seven Psychopaths along with your full name and address, the correct answer to the question and that you’re over 15 years of age.

Catch Seven Psychopaths in cinemas December 5.

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This article was first posted on November 29, 2012