Win: Star Trek - Masterpiece Collection Captain James T Kirk Maxi Bust


No TV afficianado's collection should be considered complete without a couple of high-quality busts, and this incredibly cool bust of Captain James T Kirk from Star Trek is about as eye-catching as you're likely to see, and Forbidden Planet have it available just in time for the festive season. Titan Merchandise's highly-anticipated Star Trek Masterpiece Collection maxi-bust line will appeal to Star Trek fans from classic Trek through to the more recent series additions, with classic characters brought to life in incredible detail down to the captain's phaser and tri-corder. And the celebrate the release of this beautiful bust of one of Star Trek's most enduringly appealing characters, we have teamed up with Forbidden Planet to give one lucky WhatCulture reader the chance to win one of their own. This amazingly-detailed 8" maxi-bust painstakingly recreates pop culture legend William Shatner's iconic performance as Captain James T Kirk . Every detail of Kirk's facial appearance, Starfleet uniform and accessories are captured in this astonishingly-detailed three-quarter length sculpt. Forbidden Planet Logo
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