10 80s Movie Hidden Gems You Can Watch On Netflix

Classic 80s movies from the makers of Stranger Things.

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As their flagship show Stranger Things has demonstrated, the folks at Netflix understand how appealing the nostalgia of the 1980s is for contemporary audiences. 80s retro filmmaking has become so commonplace these days that it's become almost contrived to nod back to this decade.

Netflix also understands that it's often better to go straight to the source, and have provided subscribers with a good selection of 1980s classic blockbuster movies to keep them entertained, ranging from the Back To The Future trilogy and The Goonies to Scarface and the award winning Rain Man.

Delve a little deeper into their catalogue and Netflix offers some other more obscure classics from the decade, movies which weren't necessarily big hits at the time - or even well received by the critics - but have since become certified cult classics and fan favourites in their own right, worthy of being added to any self-respecting film fan's playlist.

From Hitchcock-inspired thrillers to low budget horror movies which might have slipped under the radar, here are ten hidden gems from the 1980s well worth your time.

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