About Time Margot Robbie

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Though all of those pesky awards like the Golden Globes and Academy Awards still need to be handed out, 2014 is very much already upon us, and so it’s time to consider what the 12 months ahead will have in store for us.

The various hugely anticipated films are already on our radar and have been incessantly talked to death across the web, but what about some of the people who will make those films possible, that is the actors and actresses who without which the films would not exist?

Stardom is no doubt a fickle enterprise in Hollywood, where an actor can be hot one minute and yesterday’s refuse the next. That said, the last year in cinema and what is planned to come can give a clear indication of who might be preparing to clash head-on with superstardom in the next 12 months. With a combination of intuition and examination, I have decided that these 10 actors are going to be big deals this time next year.

As usual, feel free to add anyone I might have forgotten or missed in the comments!

Let’s kick the list off with our cover girl…

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This article was first posted on January 5, 2014