Film production takes a long time. Indie films can take anywhere up to three months to complete, whilst Hollywood affairs can anywhere from six months to over a year. Despite these lengthy periods, some actors took the time to seemingly act in movies non-stop over the course of 2012 (going by American release dates, anyway). Not only is this a credit to their perseverance as actors, but it’s also a testament to their dedicate to craft, durability and willingness to experiment with characters. Though these aren’t all starring turns, we’ve assembled 10 actors who gave distinct and diverse performances in each of the roles that they undertook – apparently without taking a single break over the course of the year!


10. Matthew McConaughey

Films of 2012: Bernie, Killer Joe, The Paperboy, Magic Mike

McConaughey finally breaks out of the romantic comedy vicious cycle – in which his charming act began wearing thin – in 2012. Instead, he begun taking on strong supporting roles in indie films by great directors from Richard Linklater to Steven Soderbergh. His performance in “Magic Mike” has been so critically-lauded that there have bene talks of an Academy Award nomination as the emcee in a strip club. But his best performance of 2012 has to be William Friedkin’s “Killer Joe” in which he portrays a crooked cop paid to commit a heinous crime. With Jeff Nichols’ “Mud” and Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf on Wall Street” in the horizon for McConaughey, it seems like he will continue with the trend of strong supporting roles.

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This article was first posted on January 7, 2013