10 Actors Who Quit Major Film Roles

And why they threw in the towel.

Warner Bros.

Landing a role in a blockbuster movie is never anything less than a big deal. For some actors, it's the break they've been waiting for their entire career and the role that puts them on the Hollywood map.

But sometimes it goes horribly wrong and the whole deal falls apart, occasionally long before the cameras have started rolling.

There are many reasons why a star might walk away from a lucrative film contract, and some of them are noble. Ed Skrein's decision to cut his ties with the Hellboy reboot over whitewashing concerns is one that springs to mind.

Other times it's issues like creative differences or monetary disputes that have pushed the actor in the direction of the exit, and these decisions are regretted as much as they're stood by when the final cut arrives in theatres.

Stars quitting during early development is an issue that has affected projects of all shapes and sizes, from indie arthouse flicks to blockbuster sequels, and here are some of the biggest names that have abandoned ship before production wrapped.


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