10 Alternate Scenes That Completely Change Famous Movies

Sometimes a single line can make all the difference.

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To us viewers, movies are a seamless whole, a single distinct narrative running from start to finish. However, for the writers, directors and editors, they're anything but.

It's a wonder that we even get as many good films as we do when you consider that every movie is basically just a jumble of unconnected scenes fed through a constant meat grinder of editing by entire teams of people, all of whom are trying to work towards a single creative vision.

With such a long and convoluted path from start to finish, it's no wonder that a lot of things get dumped along the way. Scenes, characters and even entire plotlines can end up on the cutting room floor as part of the rigorous editing process.

It isn't all just unnecessary filler that gets cut though. Sometimes a scene will be removed from a film that would've completely altered how the story plays out. These changes can range from things like plot holes staying open and characters having completely different motivations to their original outline to entire endings being dumped and replaced.

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