10 Amazing Easter Eggs You Never Noticed In Marvel's Cinematic Universe

7. The Big Green Suicide (The Avengers)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iRxzMFMgWY One of the best things about Joss Whedon's superhero assemblage The Avengers was the fact that he finally nailed the right persona for Dr. Bruce Banner, who has proven himself to a relatively difficult character when it comes to big screen adaptations. Luckily for us, Mark Ruffalo stepped in and imbued the Hulk with just the right amount of vulnerability and self-depreciating humour. One of the darkest moments in the movie, though, occurs when Banner admits that he's tried to kill himself before, only for the Hulk to "spit the bullet back out." This works fine on its own as a reference to his personal torment, but did you know that this event was originally shot and set to appear in The Incredible Hulk, back when Ed Norton was playing the character? It was removed from the final cut, but the scene was included on the DVD release. So despite the fact that Banner's dialogue in The Avengers works without us even having glimpsed the scene, it's nice to know that it exists. You might also have noticed that this scene takes place in a snowy terrain, which nicely brings us to...

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