10 Anime Series All Horror Fans Need To Watch

10. Hell Girl

Animax Asia

Giving a whole new meaning to those creepy Internet urban legends, Hell Girl first premiered in 2005, and centres around a website known as the Hell Correspondence. The site can only be accessed at midnight by those who are aware of the urban legend and nurse a powerful grudge.

They enter the name of the one they want sent to hell and they're soon contacted by Ai Enma, the Hell Girl. She gives them a straw doll, and if they pull the red thread the person whose name they entered will be sent to Hell, with the caveat being that the person who entered the name will also be sent to Hell when they die.

Each episode focuses on the life of someone who contacts Hell Girl, from a high school girl being relentlessly stalked and kidnapped to a girl whose dog is killed because she might have accidentally stumbled upon a paranoid neighbor's dark secret. The individual stories are stressful to watch, yet they remain crucially relatable.

Officially classified as horror fiction, Hell Girl possesses all the elements of horror: it's creepy, it's supernatural and there's a compelling mystery behind it all. And on top of that, there's also a complex psychological element integrated into the horror.

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