10 Anticipated 2017 Movies That Have Already Lost The Oscar Race

Suburbicon isn't going to the Oscars.

Suburbicon Matt Damon

With the Venice and Toronto film festivals having laid out the majority of 2017's big remaining awards prospects over the last few weeks, it's safe to say that the Oscar race now seems so much clearer.

Some surprise prospects have come out of nowhere to secure their places, but as is more common every year, a number of highly-anticipated movies have turned out to be, well, not that great.

While many of these movies have been broadly well-reviewed, they're simply not good enough on the whole to merit Oscar contention in major categories, and are likely to come and go rather quickly as the race heats up in the coming months.

Though the likes of The Blind Side and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close getting Best Picture nominations in the past is proof enough that the Academy doesn't always line up with critical favour, it's still overwhelmingly unlikely that these 10 movies will land nominations, let alone wins.

In at least one case, though, there's something more complex than mere critical reception at play, and with the uptick in quality content releasing on streaming platforms, the whole awards dynamic is about to change substantially.

Whichever horses you back this Oscar season, though, you'd be smart not to make it these ones...

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