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Some actors work far past their prime, some die or fade away too young and others just disappear without much explanation at all. Whether it’s because they’ve had enough of Hollywood, gone crazy, retired or can’t find work, there’s a whole slew of awesome actors that simply disappear from film and we are occasionally left wondering: “where the hell did he/she go?”

Pop in a film like Goodfellas and you’ll easily become nostalgic for Joe Pesci and wonder why the brilliantly unique actor doesn’t work anymore or throw in Unforgiven and see one of Gene Hackman’s finest performances and you’ll be wondering why he’s not scooping up some of the many senior citizen roles Robert De Niro seems to relish in.

Let’s feed into that mystery and nostalgia here by taking a look at ten awesome actors that just disappeared off the face of the Earth and take a guess at where they are now and what they might be doing.

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This article was first posted on January 2, 2014