Deadpool 2

Comic book fans and film enthusiasts have been extraordinarily lucky over the last few years with the recent run of high quality films being released. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy has given Batman his own pillar in pop culture, while the runaway success of Marvel’s The Avengers shows that inside every person is a desire to witness widespread destruction and super heroic feats of valor.

However, it was not always so. More likely than not, more superhero films that have been released have ranged from mediocre to outright terrible. But that’s a different story. This article will look at potential comic book series, events and characters that would translate terribly to the big screen, at least in my opinion.

I will be assessing their potential based on their ability to translate successfully to the silver screen, the type of story involved and the potential for disaster associated with each film. There are a few controversial picks on the list, and I remind you that while some of these comic book stories were critically acclaimed within the medium, I have decided that the prospect of them as a film is a downright terrible idea.

So keep that in mind, and if you think I have missed something or have overlooked something, let me know in the comments. So, here we go.

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This article was first posted on February 9, 2013