10 "Awful" Comic Book Movies Worth A Second Chance

7. The Crow: City Of Angels

The success of The Crow led Miramax to commission a sequel. Director Tim Pope and screenwriter David Goyer wanted The Crow: City of Angels to honor the mythos of the original, while still being unique in its own right. The movie centers around Ashe Corven, who is killed along with his son Danny after they witness the murder of a drug dealer. Guided by a woman named Sarah (who was the girl in the first film), Ashe seeks vengeance on the people who killed him and his son. The original cut of the film featured a scene when Ashe was forced to choose between returning to the Land of the Dead to be with Danny, or to save Sarah from Judah. As Ashe chose to save Sarah, the ending was much different, with Ashe having lost his chance to return to the Land of the Dead, forced to wander the Earth forever. Miramax wanted the film to resemble The Crow as closely as possible, so they edited the film down a great deal (causing Pope and Goyer to disown the movie). Still, echoes of the original intent can be seen even in the butchered version of City of Angels (a complete director's cut has yet to receive an official release). Watching the film with the knowledge of the original intent gives Perez's manic performance a bit more meaning, and some of his statements, like "what if I don't want to go back" make a whole lot more sense. With a Crow reboot in the works, hopefully it will also lead to a proper director's cut of City of Angels.
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