10 Best Disappointing Movies Ever

Don't believe the hype... entirely.

Rey BB-8 Star Wars Force Awakens

There are times when filmmakers are faced with an impossible task - living up to expectations that simply cannot be met.

This happens all the time in Hollywood and when it does, it doesn't necessarily mean the movie was terrible, or even bad for that matter.

Often it's a case of the hype machine kicking into overdrive in the run-up to release, raising the bar higher as launch day draws near, until it's out of reach entirely.

This is common when the movie in question is a follow-up to a much-loved classic or a the next entry in a fan-favourite series, but there are times when studios do themselves no favours by overselling the end product.

Of course, some over-hyped films flop hard because they're just plain average - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and The Matrix Revolutions are two high-profile examples that spring to mind - yet just as frequently such films turn out perfectly well, but couldn't possibly meet the lofty standards they were set.


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