10 Best Fight Scenes In Cinema History

What Culture’s biggest kung fu fan has listed his top fight scenes of all time!

Ed Moorhouse


The fight scene is a glorious thing. Long after the dust has settled and you are sick of watching the movie, you can revisit the fight scenes over and over again. Unlike other forms of action sequence, a good fight can get better with each viewing. There is often so much happening at once that even on a 10th viewing you will notice some clever technique or camera trick and it will re-ignite your passion for the scene.

I have loved martial arts film ever since I was a boy, watching any and all the films I could get my hands on. Over the years I discovered that if you want the best action in the world, you have to look to the East. There will probably be a lot of people out there who will criticise me for only having films from Asia in this list. I will get told about which fights I have missed that are amazing. Well chances are I will agree with you. There are 100s of amazing fights and if I wanted to I could easily list 100 amazing film scraps. But no, I wanted to list the cream of the crop and for that you have to look East.

The scenes in this list aren’t necessarily ranked because they are in amazing films. Nor are they all here for the same reasons. Some of the scenes in this list are technical marvels that not only feature amazing stunts but amazing film making. Others are here because they are iconic, ground breaking or just plain cool.

You might disagree with my choices but if you are a fight fan I can assure you that you will enjoy them. Oh, and I have saved you the effort of searching Youtube and added each scene right here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!