10 Best Moments In Kong: Skull Island

John C. Reilly with a Samurai sword. You're welcome.

Kong Skull Island John C Reilly
Warner Bros.

Kong: Skull Island is now out in the wild, and though it's definitely got its share of issues, it does mostly serve up an escapist B-movie romp with a ton of big-scale action.

If you accept the movie on those terms, there are some undeniably spectacular scenes to enjoy, both in terms of riotous set-pieces and unexpectedly hilarious gags that come totally out of left-field.

If you wanted to see a giant ape punching other ancient creatures in the face and occasionally obliterating humans with his fists, then this movie will play just fine with you.

To that end, it delivers, and here are its 10 best moments...

10. The Giant Spider Attack

Kong Skull Island Spider
Warner Bros.

This movie gets away with a lot of brutal violence for a PG-13 blockbuster, with the most disturbing moment occurring when Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) and his team of elite soldiers are trekking through the jungle.

Soon enough, one of his men is impaled through the mouth by the leg of a giant spider, piercing all the way down into his body cavity so as not to spill a drop of blood and p*** off the MPAA.

It's a genuinely unsettling moment seeing this giant tube sticking out of the poor sap's elongated mouth, and leads to a frantic firefight before Packard's able to finish the monster off with a well-placed shot to the head.

As a fond nod to the grotesque quality of the earlier Kong movies, it's one of the new film's most effective scenes.


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