10 Best Movie Cameos Of 2018 (So Far)

9. Matt Damon - Unsane

Unsane Matt Damon

Matt Damon loves making surprise appearances in movies, and that he certainly did again with his brief turn in his pal Steven Soderbergh's iPhone thriller Unsane.

Mid-way through the film, Damon shows up at protagonist Sawyer's (Claire Foy) home as a detective who advises her on what she can do to protect herself from her stalker (Joshua Leonard).

Considering how low-fi and "grounded" the rest of the film is, his cameo is ridiculously distracting and makes it hard to pay attention to what's actually being said, though it does also provide a welcome dose of levity.

Place your bets on where Damon's going to turn up next, because the guy clearly relishes showing up totally out of nowhere.


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