10 Best Movie Screenplays Since 2010

Screenwriters unchained.

django unchained

They say behind every good man is a good woman. Well, that's probably true, but behind every great film there is a great screenplay. That is certainly true.

Screenplays are the blueprint for the finished film, they are the architectural plans on which the filmic house is made. True, they aren't as glamorous as the actors who stroll down the red carpet to take the adulation of the fans, nor do they receive the acclaim novels do (The Great American Screenplay isn't a term bandied around too often) but true film fans love them for the thankless modesty.

There have been some outstanding screenplays since 2010, represented in practically every genre, from horror to sci-fi, from comedy to thriller. Tellingly, most of them combine genres in successful and inventive ways and subvert the readers' expectations. What unites the screenplays on this list is that they all took chances and they were all deeply memorable.

So, from Box Office hits to as yet unproduced screenplays, let's shine a light on those screenplays since 2010 that absolutely rocked.


David Hynes is a freelance writer, working in print, online, on stage and for screen. A film and book enthusiast, he has just finished his first novel.