10 Biggest Movie Tropes Of 2015

Spies! Robots! Old People!

If you go to the cinema a lot - and if you're reading this, you probably do - you start to notice the same things coming up again and again. Sometimes you get a big plot concept that appears in a bunch of different movies (in 2016, for example, iconic superheroes wailing on each other amidst spectacular collateral damage is going to feature in Captain America: Civil War, Batman V Superman, and X-Men Apocalypse). Sometimes there;s a minor, but equally repeated, detail (so, the last two of those superhero flicks seem to be, for some reason, offering a backstory for the hair loss of two key characters). Either way, it's clear that the Hollywood's hive mind likes to fixate on certain tropes at certain times. 2015 was no different. Last year we had more than our fair share of cinematic repetition. Whether that was tired old cliches given an extra repetitive airing, or a lot of different movies all branching out into the same new area, these were the tropes that cropped up again and again across the last twelve months of big screen entertainment.


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