10 Biggest Movie Tropes Of 2017

Stick on your awesome mix, grab your lasso and tell your step-dad you love them.


Hollywood loves nothing so much as doing the exact same thing as in some other popular movie. Which is why, if you've spent a lot of 2017 watching a succession of suspiciously similar cinematic storylines, you may have started getting an odd sense of deja vu.

This was the year, after all, in which the blockbuster season offered up not one but two riffs on Apocalypse Now played out entirely as reimaginings of classic ape movies. Meanwhile, sports movie fans have waited forever for anyone to take a shot at a passable tennis movie, only for two true life biopics of 1970s on and off court rivalries to come out within a few weeks of each other.

Right now you can pop into your local multiplex and take your pick of two festive sequels to parental rivalry comedies, both of which attempt to stave off their increasingly stale formula by bringing in an extra generation of bad parents for the holiday season.

This isn't one of those lists that just looks at instances of two movies doing the same thing at the same time, though. No, this is about those strangely specific trends, concepts and images that cropped up again and again over the past twelve months; tropes that were as inescapable as being bound by Wonder Woman's lasso or Spidey's webs. Speaking of which...

[Oh, and obviously spoilers ahead for virtually every major movie of 2017]

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