10 Biggest Unconfirmed Rumours About 2018 Movies

Hogwarts, Jurassic World 2's plot, and Vader returns? Please be true!


With 2018 a little over two months away, we're at that in-between point where most of next year's major releases are deep into production, but aren't quite close enough to give us a trailer, or any plot information beyond a basic logline.

This can be a frustrating, lifeless period on the movie calendar; the massive, end-of-year releases aren't here yet so there isn't much of note coming out, and the next big wave of blockbusters haven't fully started their marketing pushes.

Because of this, a lot of 2018's major releases remain shrouded in mystery, making it easy to come across information that may or may not be true. Sure, we know that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be about dinosaurs, but if an anonymous source were to come forward and reveal that Chris Pratt's character will be killed by an angry triceratops, how would we know whether that was legitimate or not?

Until we actually watch these movies for ourselves, practically anything is possible. There are a lot of exciting projects heading our way in 2018, but because they're so far away, we don't yet know whether the biggest stories surrounding them will actually ring true.


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