10 Bold Predictions About 2018’s Biggest Movies

10. Aquaman: Lex Luthor Will Make A Cameo

Warner Bros.

The divisive Justice League set up the next wave of DC Extended Universe movies, beginning with Aquaman. The franchise's 2018 hopes rest on the salty shoulders of Jason Momoa's Atlantean as his solo movie is the only instalment slated for next year.

James Wan's Aquaman will serve as an origin story of sorts for Arthur Curry, fleshing out his backstory and Atlantean lore with a series of flashbacks, while detailing his ascension to the watery throne in the present-day DCEU.

Momoa's fish-man will do battle with his evil brother The Ocean Master and his arch-nemesis Black Manta, and the latter villain is likely to serve as the movie's link to Justice League and future sequels.

Justice League's post-credits scenes confirmed Lex Luthor is assembling the Injustice League, of which Black Manta is a member in the comics. The recruitment process is likely to play out in future DCEU movies, starting with Aquaman.

Expect Luthor to show up after the credits have rolled to open talks with a defeated Black Manta, explaining how a group of bad guys are pooling their resources to take down the Justice League. Lex is going to need a sea-based ally to take on Aquaman in his natural habitat, and who better than his bitterest foe?


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