Notorious for their capability to affect you in different ways throughout your life no matter what your age, Disney movies are also renowned for tugging on the heartstrings, and drawing a tear from even the hardiest of viewers. Many boxes of tissues have been used, many shoulders have been cried on and many messages have been conveyed through Disney movies, so there is no better name to associate with classic moments that broke our hearts. And to celebrate that effect, we’ve put together a list of the ten most heart-breaking moments from classic Disney films.


10. The Destruction Of The Cave – The Little Mermaid

tumblr_m3wgblviVt1r1gdtao1_1280Ariel is a beautiful young mermaid who’s spent her whole life fascinated with humans and their lives above the water – so much so that she’s dedicated an entire hidden cove under the sea to artifacts she’s collected that belong to humans. Never mind that she has no idea what the majority of the items’ true purpose is – she uses a fork to curl her hair – these items mean the world to Ariel because they represent a life she cannot have, but one which she wishes to get a closer look at.

When Triton therefore is informed that she has been up to the surface of the water, he becomes enraged, fearing for the safety of his daughter and incredibly angry that she could continually disobey him. In a rage, he uses the power of his trident to destroy every item in the cove after being led there by Sebastian  the small red crab he has employed to keep an eye on Ariel. The upsetting thing about this particular scene is how devastated Ariel is, her father having just destroyed all of her favourite possessions, and effectively destroying her insight to the human world which she so admires.

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This article was first posted on January 8, 2013