10 Comic Con Announcements The Fanboys Would Love

The most exciting things that need to happen at the Nerdvana convention.

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and for fans of everything comic book and fanboy related, it's one of the best weeks of the year. Even if you're not suiting up yourself and jetting off to California, the huge four-night event promises the biggest and best reveals in the world of geekdom, particularly as it pertains to movies. Of course, who can forget the jaw-dropping announcement at last year's con that Batman and Superman would be starring in a movie together? And that first sizzle trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy (which was so helpfully leaked online)? While we won't be expecting anything as monumental as the Batman v Superman announcement, it's the perfect time for studios and filmmakers to stir up interest in their products, be it by way of a teaser trailer, a plot reveal, or a casting announcement. There is no better platform for movies aimed at the geek demographic than Comic-Con, and though we'll be following-up later in the week with a handy summary of the Con's biggest surprises, for now we're going to daydream about some announcements we'd be overjoyed to see. So, join us with your own speculation and wishes for Comic-Con 2014...

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