10 Completely Plausible Answers To Unanswered Movie Questions

There have been countless moments in film history that have raised questions that audience members have rarely stopped debating, no…

Adam Giles



There have been countless moments in film history that have raised questions that audience members have rarely stopped debating, no matter when the film in question was released. Everyone has their own views and beliefs on the true meaning of some of Cinema’s greatest unanswered questions, although some actually believe these questions to be major plot holes that are left unexplained or included simply to provoke a certain emotion or reaction from an enthralled audience.

In truth, these questions are often left open to interpretation. But when you really think about it, there is nearly always a plausible answer to how these particular questions could be solved in the real world with just a smidgeon of logical application. So it’s time to answer some of Cinema’s greatest questions, along with some much more recent questions that have caused arguments all across the World.

10. Who Drives The APC Back To The Prometheus?

Prometheus Ship


Prometheus, you likely all know what it is by now and are probably sick about hearing the criticisms regarding various confusions it has produced, but one of these confusions has a rather plausible answer, even if it is not directly mentioned in the film. To be honest, it’s probably such a common aspect of the ship that it wouldn’t even bare mentioning between the Crew of the Prometheus anyway, which is exactly why it isn’t.

This aspect is the APC that is inexplicably driven back to the Prometheus after some of the Crew members first explore the Engineer Ship, despite the fact that because two of the Crew, Fifield and Millburn, become lost and stuck in the Ship and we see the others commandeering the remaining vehicles, there was no-one there who could have actually driven it back.


The plausible answer to this is that as soon as Janek, the Captain of the Prometheus, realised that there was a storm coming and that there was not enough Crew to bring it safely back, he could easily have engaged an auto-pilot of some description on the APC to drive back to the Prometheus by itself. Although we never specifically see him do so, it does not mean that he doesn’t. Also, because certain scenes were cut and re-ordered later in the film, the APC doesn’t play a particularly big role in the rest of the film anyway, so it would be unnecessary for us to waste time watching characters discuss the inner-workings of the voyage that they are probably well accustomed to from years of living in the future.