With so many franchises either refreshing their reputation anew (Alien) or bringing a heralded saga to a close (Batman), it’s natural to expect that the year has had its share of controversy, as it’s impossible to please everyone, and sometimes people just aren’t going to be happy no matter what you bring to the table. The year’s most popular films served up a wealth of surprises that largely proved divisive, particularly as far as the Internet conversation goes, whereby people were either dissatisfied that their beloved franchise didn’t close out in the manner that they envisioned, or they’ve made pains to highlight what they perceive as plot-holes within the narrative (regardless of whether they actually are). Other films crowbarred open political debates about race and torture, ensuring that this year’s film dialogue was as healthily provocative as any that has ever been conducted.

SPOILER WARNING: the below will include massive spoilers for many of the biggest and most popular movies of 2012, so make sure to proceed carefully if there’s any that you haven’t quite gotten round to seeing yet. Don’t worry about having the likes of Django Unchained ruined, though; the only films appearing on our list that aren’t out in UK cinemas yet are Cloud Atlas and Zero Dark Thirty, though neither entry deals with overt plot points, and given that we all know how the latter ends anyway, you needn’t worry about being inundated with spoilers.

Click below to see the 10 controversial movie moments of 2012 that shocked us all.

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This article was first posted on December 27, 2012