waters johnn

A lot of film directors are quiet men who give few interviews and the spotlight is often focussed on those actors in front of the camera, but some of the most unique personalities belong to those who control the camera. Your Lindsay Lohan’s and Amanda Bynes’ look tame in comparison to the craziness of the directors on this list as they collectively possess various eccentricities odd impulses. Filmmaking is definitely a medium that houses some of the most bizarre artists in the world – from the misanthropy of Werner Herxog to the sleaziness of John Waters.

A crazy director can be classified as such for a variety of reasons. If they have outrageously ambitious plans to shoot in a jungle in a country nobody has ever heard of, then you have got to be pretty crazy. If you make a porno flick starring your girlfriend, then it’s fair to say you’re pretty crazy. And if you’re a demanding obsessive prone that refuses to acknowledge any opinion but your own, then you’re crazy, especially in a field that is as collaborative as film. Crazy directors are a necessity as without them, various innovative techniques would not have been invented and we would be deprived of many enduring classics.

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This article was first posted on July 16, 2013