10 Criminally Underrated British Horror Films

10 underrated horror films you absolutely must see.

Gareth Howie


If the shelves in the DVD and Blu-Ray aisles are anything to go by, you’d think that the British horror industry was in full bloom at the rate that new UK horror movies are being released each week. The problem is that very few of them are actually good and most are simply knock-offs of bigger-budgeted and more successful films.

Here, though, are some exceptions.

Staying away from some of the bigger box office successes of the last few years (like The Woman In Black, for example) and avoiding the straight-to-DVD sequel market, what follows is ten of the most underrated, little-seen and actually really rather great horror movies from the United Kingdom in the last ten years.



10. Severance

It pains me to give any coverage to a film featuring Danny Dyer but the fact that I’m doing so should go some way to indicating just how solid it actually is. Directed by Christopher Smith, who’s going to feature heavily in this list, the film carves its own three-act structure into three distinctly different parts that shouldn’t mesh well together but somehow do, although many a film critic is quick to suggest that one of Severance’s flaws is that it all comes undone by its final act. Up until that point though, you’re treated to a fitfully amusing dark comedy, an atmospheric and surprisingly tense conventional slasher flick and, finally, a balls-to-the-wall gory piece of absurdist nonsense involving war criminals, naked women, bear-traps and rocket-launchers.