10 Critically Acclaimed Films You Never Realised Bombed At The Box Office

Critical acclaim doesn't always equal financial gain.

Warner Bros.

Critical acclaim and financial reward have never been mutually exclusive outcomes in Hollywood, and, while in theory they should go hand in hand, there have always been cases of films coming out to rave reviews but still failing miserably in ticket sales. Reasons for this vary, though it normally boils down to a mixture of stiff competition and bad luck.

A film’s budget also has to be taken into account when attempting to determine success, which is often the tripping point for those under the impression that budget equals total outlay. As a rule of thumb, a studio will match every dollar it allocates for a budget in advertising spending, and that estimate is probably on the conservative side.

President of CBS Films Terry Press called marketing the single most discussed and debated issue in Hollywood in 2014, and the costs of advertising movies has been on the increase since, with Chinese interests as well as emerging markets in Russia, Asia, and Latin America meaning studios are spending more than ever before per picture.

With marketing expenses and all extra costs incurred in the making of a movie taken into account, some of these critically acclaimed films bombed at the box office, while others bombed a whole lot harder...


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