10 DCEU Mysteries That Are Yet To Be Solved

These would test even Batman's detective skills...

Warner Bros/DC

Many things about the DC Extended Universe are shrouded in uncertainty, both on and off the set.

Fresh rumours linking Ben Affleck with the Batcave exit seem to emerge every week, and the long-term future of the shared cinematic world itself is now in doubt after Warner Bros announced plans to pursue standalone superhero films.

As much as the fans would like to know what the hell is going on behind the scenes, there are plenty of unsolved mysteries still at large in the DCEU movies themselves, and these are more fun to explore, debate and wax lyrical about.

A shared universe to compete with Marvel's MCU was always the plan when Warner rebooted Superman with 2013's Man of Steel, and every movie that exists in this world has delivered in Easter eggs and connective tissue for follow-up films to draw on.

This has given the fans plenty to chew on and helped them form some interesting theories about where the DCEU is heading, but even a detective of Batman's calibre would struggle to get to the bottom of the superhero universe's deepest mysteries...


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