10 Dead Movie Franchises That Hollywood Must Revive

Waking up the dead like Serpent And The Rainbow...

Warner Bros.

These days, it’s not enough to adapt the latest comic book phenomenon, or find a way of turning an amusement ride, a video game or a toy into a movie franchise.

In its endless search to avoid having to green-light an original script, Hollywood has now reared back to munch on its own tail, returning to venerable movie franchises of decades past to add all-new instalments. In recent years we’ve had revivals for the Indiana Jones movies, a new Jurassic Park flick, and a new Star Wars slate of films set in stone into 2020 and beyond. We’ve had a fresh take on Mad Max and Rocky - and we’ve got revisitations to Ghostbusters and Blade Runner coming up. Where does it all end?

If I have anything to do with it, right here and now: if we’re gonna do this, let’s do it properly. I’ve scoured the cinematic graveyard of the last thirty or forty years to find the deceased movie franchises that could actually benefit from a new instalment.

Whether it’s because we still need closure, or whether it’s because there are loose ends to tie up; whether it’s because they didn’t end quite as they should have, or because there’s room for new growth; here are ten of the most deserving film franchises of yesteryear, ready to be dug up, dusted off, plugged into the mains and resurrected. 

Live! Liiiiiiive!


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