Horror films are big business. Snobby critics may call them prurient and only appealing to the lowest common denominator, but this does not stop the outbreak of huge horror film hits that usually evolve into massive franchises.

Thus we have the Hostel phenomenon, the REC trend, and SAW galore. While some of these films may have their charms, they steal the limelight from far better, more disturbing horror films. Golden oldie go unrated. Excellent foreign films are only sought out by the true genre devotee.

This list is devoted to both the people who have yet to discover these films and the people who already have, rubbing their hands in glee like demented maniacs going like the two guys in the videostore in The League of Gentlemen – “Seen it! Seen it! Seen it!”


10. Trouble Every Day (2001)


If you want a horror film that will get under your skin and stay there, Trouble Every Day might just be the one for you. Dealing with the subject of cannibalism – but obviously not in an exploity, Cannibal Ferox kind of way – the malady is explored in the way it ruins people’s lives and the lives of those around them.

Medical experiments as a youth in France have left Vincent Gallo a starving cannibal. He can control his urges but his mate Beatrice Dalle hasn’t fared so well – hunting down men for sex and cannibalising them mid-passion.

There is not much plot or character development in this film. A lot of people find it pretentious, slow and boring. The film comes off as a weird hybrid between a Jean Rollin and David Cronenberg film. There is not much dialogue but there is plenty of atmosphere and chills, especially whenever Beatrice manages to break out of her fort like house and chow down on some poor unsuspecting blokes.

What a miserable existence she leads – and a hard one to watch.

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This article was first posted on February 11, 2013