Nobody sets out to make a bad movie - least of all an entire filmography of them -  but for all the good intentions in the world a bad movie is a lot easier to make than a good one. The viewer also takes no delight in sitting through rubbish – nobody watches a film hoping to see utter dross thrown at them – but bad movies are unavoidable. Even some of the very greats struck out once of twice. Hitchcock made numerous bad movies such as Mr. and Mrs Smith, The Paradine Case, Topaz and Torn Curtain, but he obviously made far more classics than failures.

It takes a special kind of director to make a bad film every time he goes on set. As someone who is a directors guy , I firmly believe directors should get the acclaim when they succeed and get the blame when they fail. There are odd cases of studio interference or acting disasters but ultimately the film is the directors project and it fundamentally lies with him to make it succeed.

As with our list of director’s who never have made a bad movie, this article’s own sister article, the only criteria a director needs to be eligible for this list is to have directed at least three feature-length movies. Documentaries and short-films are, like last time, excluded.

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This article was first posted on January 23, 2013